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Bali United Football Club

Founded by : Pieter Tanuri, 01 Jan 1989

About the Company

PT Bali Bintang Sejahtera Tbk is a publicly listed company in Indonesia that focuses on the food and beverage industry. The company is known for its beer brand, Bintang, which has become a popular choice among consumers in Indonesia. It also produces other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, such as soda, energy drinks, and mineral water. PT Bali Bintang Sejahtera Tbk has a strong distribution network throughout Indonesia and has expanded its reach to other countries in Southeast Asia. The company places a strong emphasis on sustainability and has implemented initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, such as using renewable energy sources and implementing waste management programs.

Industry Type

According to the GICS (Global Industry Classification Standard) version of March 2023, Bali United Football Club’s industry classification falls within the following categories:
  • Sector: Consumer Staples
  • Industry group: Food, Beverage & Tobacco
  • Industry: Beverages
  • Sub-Industry: Soft Drinks & Non-alcoholic Beverages

Company Address

Jalan Pararaton 2 80361 Denpasar Bali

Source : Google maps